Manantial De Fuego Press Kit

Manantial de Fuego

Latin Rock

Manantial de Fuego is a Latin rock band from Hesperia, Ca. The band fuses old and new Latin rhythms to create a dynamic and powerful modern spanish rock (rock Latino or commonly known as rock en español in the United States) sound. The spanish rock of Manantial de Fuego, or MDF, is as diverse as the Latin culture itself.

MDF brings to its audience a cohesive mix of rock, ska, ballads, cumbias, mambos, and punk, amongst other sounds to create its very unique and signature style.

Manantial De Fuego, or “El Pinche Manantial” as many of their hardcore fans call them, has recorded three full albums with all original songs and is currently working on a fourth album.

The diversity in music that Manantial brings to the table is the reason why it resonates with audiences from all ages and all walks of life, whether they understand the language or not. A great example is all the great events they constantly play all over California with a substantial range of diversity in venues and crowds, all of which have fallen in love with the music and energy this group of artists bring to every event.


Manantial de Fuego has had the opportunity to play on the biggest venues and festivals of the L.A. spanish rock scene. They have shared stages with the greatest spanish rock bands in the industry. MDF got its foot in the door by participating in a battle of the bands put together by one of the largest spanish radio stations in Southern California Super Estrella. Taking 2nd place, amongst 80 bands that participated, positioned Manantial in the spotlight and got the band a considerable amount of radio play and new fans.